2016 GlobEEs (2016.04.21-04.17)
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    GlobEEs is an institutional cooperation between Satya Wacana Christian University (SWCU-Indonesia) with Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU-Taiwan) that aims to provide international education experiences where participants can interact with other participants from different countries both in various academic and/or cultural settings. The benefits of the program for the participants are two fold; upon completing the program, it is expected that they will be familiar and skillful in both academic and cultural discourses of the participating institutions. In facing the challenges of a more globalized world, such familiarity and skills are instrumental to the success of each individual.
    In this short visit program, a group of 10-12 participants from participating universities will be exposed to various academic and cultural experiences. During their two weeks stay, they will have lectures and workshops in the host universities. In addition, this program will provide opportunities to the participants to share their knowledge and the cultural values of their home countries to the local community members through community service activities. Field trips and excursions are intended to give the participants hands-on experiences on the local culture of the host countries. At the end of the program, they will present their papers on their experiences during the program.
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